Sunday, 9 May 2010


Well, hey guys! After my very pitiful attempt at a Windows Live Spaces Blog, I gave up and persuaded mum to let me have a blogger account. So... here goes!

My name is Apsy (not my real name lol) and I am 15. I love scrapbooking and more recently have gotten into cardmaking in a big way. I love "emo" sort of music for example rock/punk/heavy metal etc and I love the boxset of Band of Brothers. I also love reading non-fiction real life stories on peoples childhood etc. I find this interesting.

So first off I thought I would show you my.. sorry correction my mums craft area. I have a space in it as well lol. It is usually tidy like it is in our pictures but recently it has been a bit of a mess!

Thanks for looking at my first ever post!

Love Apsy x

(P.S I need to make a signature sort of thing!)

5 lurvely comments:


LOL lovely craft room that you (and Mum) have!!

Linda Elbourne

Welcome to blogland - fab area to work in :0)


Ooo welcome, love the craft room.



Lucky you (and your mum)the craft space must be hotly contested in your house! *lol* welcome to blogland! xx


oooh welcome to the world of blogging...and i must say...i love your crafting space...maybe it's time Mum moved out, eh? ;)

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Hi. I love reading your comments and appreciate any feedback you have to give me. Apsy x

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